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Cooling Products

We service a wide range of cooling products, including:

  • Air conditioning compressors (outside unit)
  • Air conditioning air handlers and evaporator coils (inside unit)
  • Heat pump systems
  • Other cooling and home comfort systems

Ductless vs Portable Unit Cooling

Consider installing a ductless system, which while more expensive than portable units is also much more efficient and are made to last much longer. Their installation involves connecting the indoor and outdoor units with copper refrigerant lines, running power to both units, running drainage for the indoor unit, and loading the refrigerant.

Advantages of a ductless split air conditioner compared to a portable air conditioner include:

  • system is quieter indoors because the compressor (the noisiest part) is outside
  • cold air will be distributed better since the unit is mounted near the ceiling
  • drain will be installed so you won't have to empty a tray
  • much more efficient & reliable than traditional portable units

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